Marching Along

March is an incredible month, we enter the month in what seems like deep winter with night time temperatures below zero, whipping winds and stinging daytime temps in the teens and it seems hard to imagine that by the end of the month we’ll have 500 chicks on the farm, mud on our boots and a season’s worth of maple syrup made! For now we’re still enjoying the warmth of the wood stove.

The “sugar shack” where we haul the sap from our maple trees to boil it down into syrup is preparing for the season. We’ve had a few small runs of sap during the warmest days, but with the deep snow cover in the woods we’re not quite ready to make syrup yet. Stay tuned for more information on how we make our syrup!

In other news, I had a great find in the freezer this week: Smoked Ham Roasts. Believe it or not a box or two can evade detection for longer than you’d think, but we finally found these guys just in time for the easter Holliday coming up next month. We are trying to move out our inventory of our Non-GMO pastured pork as quickly as possible to make room for our. incoming Pastured Pork, Fed Organic Grain. So these roasts are on sale now until they are gone. The picture isn’t great, but man these things taste great when they come out of the oven:)

Have you ever heard of a Delmonico Steak? Perhaps not, but you know the muscle well. Beef cut names have so many variations, and often the different names refer to how to present a specific cut. In the case of the Delmonico it is a Ribeye steak, with out the rib or spine bone attached. Same piece of meat, just no bone. Give it a try, on sale now as a winter special.

We also have a back stock of 5 lb bags of Ground Beef. I thought we had a restaurant interested in it, but it is still in the freezer. I have it listed for anyone to buy on the website, but if anyone knows of someone/restaurant/kitchen that would be interested we have about 500 lbs of it. Price is negotiable. Contact me directly for more information, we can certainly deliver in 50 lb boxes anywhere in the northeast and could keep a supply if demand continues.

Winter Beef and Pork Sale through the end of this Month!

UPS deliveries have had a few unexpected delays, but generally the new shipping system is going well, we’re able to deliver to most of the Northeast in 1 day transit time. If you’ve had any issues with your delivery please let me know!

Local Home Delivery – we are excited to announce our official partnership with Hub on the Hill for our local deliveries. Hub on the Hill makes two weekly delivery routes and we can now offer local delivery through this service. We still have an order minimum of $75 and free delivery over $149. For those of you interested in helping us reuse our packaging, you can leave out your box, insulation and gel packs from your last order when you expect delivery and we can pick it up and reuse it.

Wednesday High Peaks Loop – including stops in Elizabethtown, Keene Valey, Keene, Upper Jay, Jay, Ausable Forks, Wilmington, Lake Placid and Saranac Lake.

Thursday Plattsburgh to Ticonderoga – including stops in Plattsburg, Saranac, Peru, Keeseville, Willsboro, Essex, Mineville, Port Henry and Ticonderoga.

If you have any questions about our new local delivery service please let me know and help us spread the word!

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