Winter Pork & Beef Sale

I’ll get to the bit about our winter sale…but first look at the ice! We’ve had some variable weather, leading to some pretty spectacular sun warmth and thaw during the day but with a cold wind that freezes the water before it hits the ground. This particular spot is dubbed “King Winter’s Palace” by our kindergarten teacher. Ice here is not entirely natural, Farmer Josh has a waterline that runs from this stream, which he lets run all winter. He cracks the valve at the end to creat a misty spray that forms a magical palace of ice throughout the winter.

Winter is so much fun. And March is here! I had a technical glitch and this post/email did not go out until Monday, instead of the usual Sunday morning.

Ok here’s the scoop: March is upon us, we thought it would be a good time to have a sale! We picked some of our favorite beef and pork and threw on some big savings. You’ve already seen the drop down menus on some of the beef products to help you stock up and save. And now I’ve added a few new bundled boxes to the mix for extra savings.

Beef Winter Sale Items:

I’ve added and updated the following Beef boxes:

Beef Winter Sale 20lb Box
– a great way to save and stock up on steaks and ground!

Beef Sampler
– always a great way to save on a variety of beef cuts

Stock up and save with bigger Beef Boxes like:
1/8 Beef Box (35 lbs)
1/4 Beef Box (70 lbs)
1/2 Beef Box (140 lbs)
Whole Beef Box (280 lbs)

20 lb or 40 lb Ground Beef Box
– A great way to stock up and save.

Pork Winter Closeout Sale

I have great news on the Pork front. I have mentioned in previous posts that we have a friend who could provide us with Pasture Raised, Organic Pork, and due to some changing circumstances our friends Scott and Aubrey able to provide us that pork next month! This batch of pigs will NOT be Certified Organic, because they piglets were not born from Certified Organic sows. So they will not be labeled Organic. However, they have been fed Certified Organic Feed, they have lived their life on pasture and in a bedding pack barn with sunlight and fresh air, they have never received antibiotics, hormones or any other treatment not allowed under Organic Standards.

So this means it’s time to clean out the existing Non-GMO, Pasture Raised pork to make room for the new Organically Fed, Pasture Raised Pork. This means extra big savings on what we have left.

Check out:

Pork Winter Sale Bundle
– Pretty much a bargain bundle of what we have left in stock.

Sausage Sampler Bundle
– There’s not much sausage left, but what we have left is here at a great value.

Pork Chop Savings
– We still have plenty of pork chops so we’ve dropped the price and added a 4 PK and 8 PK for extra savings. Stock up now and save up to $2.17/lb!

Boston Butt Roast
– If you love pulled pork, this is the cut for you on sale now.

Delivery available this Tuesday for all folks in our range, the new shipping system is working well and we’re able to reach everyone in 24 hours.

Featherbed Lane Farm Pickup in March. We will make a delivery to Featherbed Lane Farm for customers to pickup with their CSA on Saturday March 13. Place your order by March 7th for delivery.

For local folks, we’re exploring expanding our delivery service through Hub on the Hill, allowing us to get to places like Lake Placid, Jay, Saranac Lake and Plattsburgh with our home delivery service. This also means you can leave your old box out when you’re expecting a delivery and we can pick it up and reuse it! Stay tuned for updates.

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