More Ways to Save!

Sitting at a computer, building the back-end of your website is not quite as romantic as moving animals on pasture, but it is a job that needs doing, and I figure February is a good month to do so. I’ve begun rolling out a new feature on our website: a drop down menu under a product, to offer savings the more you buy. Ground Beef for example. We used to offer single 1 lb packages, or a 20 lb box. Now we have a tiered approach, as you can see in the picture, click on the drop down menu and select your level of savings.

Check out other beef cuts like Chuck Eye Steak and Beef Shanks (try this instant pot recipe, it’s been a favorite of ours this winter!) for more bulk savings options.

Thank you to Healey for all your help with this project. It takes many hours to build each product, link it to the main product, calculate the savings and sort out the inventory calculations. During the summer Healey helps us with processing chickens, and this winter has been a huge help with weekly administrative tasks.

Another great way to stock up and save on our Grass Fed Beef is to buy a portion of the animal. One of the challenges I have mentioned a few times is inventory management:) Besides all the mistakes I have made on what we have and what we don’t, there is also the challenge of making sure we sell all the cuts at an even rate. Purchasing a portion of a beef saves us this trouble and we pass that savings on to you the customer. I’ve just put up our newly posted 1/4 Beef Box, is a great way fill your freezer and save.

Here’s the way it works: The 1/8 Beef 35lb Box has a pull down menu as well as links in the description for the other 1/4, 1/2 and whole. With each portion of a beef you get a more complete variety of cuts, since there are some cuts (like shoulder tender, or flank) which we only get 2 of per beef and so cannot divide up evenly among a 1/4 or 1/8. We get an average of 400 lbs of meat off of a beef animal and that is enough to fill most chest freezers! So we paired down the 1/8 Beef Box to 35 lbs, but the 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef boxes are 100, 200 and 400 lbs respectively. Depending on your location and delivery preference your price will vary slightly, but we charge a flat price by the lb for these boxes.

For example, if you lived in Boston, and wanted delivery to your door the price of a 1/4 Beef is $9.61/lb. We will assemble your box, let’s say it weighs in at a perfect 100 lbs, your 1/4 Beef costs $961 delivered to your door (probably in 3 boxes:)

I have one last piece of news this week, which is to introduce you to our new packaging. Packaging consumes a huge amount of resources around the world, and I have loved (and sometimes cursed) the challenge of finding packaging that is both effective at keeping things frozen and will not fill up our landfills. We started the year with box liners that are made of recycled plastic and are curbside recyclable. This is a step up from styrofoam, but plastics are often not recycled even when you put them in the right bin!

So as we use up the last of our old liners you’ll start receiving your orders in these new boxes! They are made by a company called Temperpak and they are made of kraft paper! This means it is not just recyclable, but compostable if you so desired:) Temperpack takes recycling very seriously, check out their product page for more. Here’s the rub: a product is only recyclable, if it actually gets recycled. Plastic is recyclable, but some studies show it’s only actually recycled less than 10% of the time! While corrugate (cardboard) is recycled 93% of the time and can be done so up to 7 times. So they designed the liners to fit into the corrugate recycling system.

2021 Feed Back, Move Forward: responding to 2020

Want to learn more about Food and Equity in Reber Rock’s community? Reber Rock’s Racey Henderson is organizing and presenting at this virtual summit next week, Thursday 2/25. To find out more click here.

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