Survey results are really helpful, keep them coming.

Thank you to everyone who has filled out the survey. It is very helpful for us to hear from you, and I encourage those of you who have not filled out the survey to do so. One question I debated including was a specific question about our chicken stock packaging. I love the new stock bags, they are easy to pour out of, they do not chip and break in transport, and they are much more space efficient in the freezer. BUT, they seem to leak! We consume a lot of stock, we cook with it many times a week, and also drink it with a little salt. We probably consume 3-4 quarts per week, and we’ve found that at least half of the bags we put in the fridge to thaw leak slowly from some seam or hole in the bag! I’ve wondered how isolated this is, and sure enough I’ve heard from a few of you specifically commenting on this. Thank you.

Does anyone out there have experience with this type of packaging? Are there better solutions for packaging frozen liquids? Perhaps its just a plastic quality issue, and we’ve submitted a complaint to the manufacturer. But I’m curious if anyone else has experience with a packaging for stock that would be better?

It was a week of nights below zero and decent snow cover. The sun also starts to feel warmer in February and even on the cold days, snack in the sun was enough to take the gloves off!

Food innovation of the week: Super Grits.

I’m still not great at remembering to take fancy photos of the meals I want to mention here. But this morning we had a late breakfast of what we call “super grits”. We make grits in the instant pot, recipe here, this morning we mixed up onions, mushrooms, bacon (more coming in march…), kale and spinach in a skillet and to top it off we threw a chuck steak into the hot skillet with salt, sliced it thinly and topped the grits with cheese and steak slices! Breakfast of champions.

I’ve found the key to these lesser known “shy steaks” is proper cooking time (don’t over cook) and then slicing them thinly across the grain to serve them. They have wonderful flavor, and when cut thinly are a delight to get in a bite of grits. Steak for breakfast anyone?

Our shipping experiments continue, and thankfully the temperatures in the north east are cold enough the stakes are pretty low. We will ship out all the orders, both 2-day and 1-day this Monday for delivery on Tuesday and I’m hopeful this weekly shipping for all customers will hold for the rest of the year.

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