Delicious Pulled Pork?

I’ve been working hard on some upgrades to the user experience for our website as well as a plan to reach more customers in our 1 day transit radius. However, each week I sit down to write my weekly reflections and I have nothing concrete to report. Change and progress take time it seems, nevertheless I’m not against the old trick of anticipation!

I had promised to continue on my quest to pull those shy steaks out of the corner, but this week it was a pork roast that made the highlight reel.

First however, I’d like to tell you about the projects I’m working on even though they are not finished and ready for the final reveal:

1. Website improvements! Our e-commerce platform has rolled out some new and fun features that we are experimenting with. One feature I’m excited to introduce is what i’m going to call “drop down savings menus.” Take ground beef for example, we currently offer 1 lb packages, and a discount when you buy a 20 lb box. These are two separate items in the store. When I get this all figured out, you will have a drop down menu under Ground Beef and you’ll be able to choose more options for savings, like a 5 pack, 10 pack, 20 pack and 40 pack for example, each with increasing discounts! It’s not live yet, but stay tuned for more ways to stock up and save!

2. Improved Shipping Times?! Turns out it’s not just a matter of asking the driver to go faster:) But we had a number of snafus with getting dry ice on time to ensure product arrives frozen for our customers in a 2-day transit radius. This coupled with our dry ice company saying they can only deliver once per month means we’re only able to deliver to those customers on that schedule. So I’ve been thinking, how can I bring those customers into our 1 day transit radius and deliver every week? Plans are in motion and if anyone is interested in being a guinea pig, I’m hoping to do a test run next week with some folks who are in that 2-day radius. I cannot guarantee delivery next week, but if you place an order by Sunday night there’s a good chance we can deliver by the end of the week! I will contact you directly if you have placed an order about estimated delivery.

3. Meat Delivery? In years past I have loaded up a van or trailer and made deliveries to MA, NJ and southern CT. These customers are used to placing one bulk order and filling up their chest freezers, which are now getting empty! I am hoping and planning to begin taking orders for delivery in March. I need to setup the items like 1/4 beef or 1/2 pig and determine where the pickup locations will be and so forth, but this is in the works and I hope to let you know more soon!

Pulled Pork Recipe…Yum

They key to a good pulled pork, in my opinion is a good mix of time, (or pressure) acid and sweetness. I take a Pork Shoulder Roast (or two in my case:) and throw it in our Instant Pot with onions, cumin, oregano, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, a whole orange (or a few mandarins that are languishing in the fridge) and salt and pepper to taste. Then I set it to cook under pressure for about 45 minutes. You can reduce this time to about 30 minutes if you chop up the roast into 2 inch cubes.

Let the cooker naturally release, then pull out the pork and shred it. Then transfer the yummy juices to a pot on your stove top and reduce the liquids by at least half or until the liquids are thick and saucy. Then add them back to the shredded pork and serve with your favorite toppings.

This approach can also work for BBQ flavorings, or any spice profile you like. A good mix of sweet and acid help bring out the flavor of the pork. A great addition to the winter menu.

2 day ground – Your account will say delivery on 2/17 but for most of you I’m hoping to experiment with a new shipping system that can get it to you fast! If you’d like to help me test the system place your order this weekend and I’ll contact you, hopefully to say we can get it to you next week! If you have already placed an order for delivery on 2/17 I will contact you to see if you would like to receive your order early!

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