What a week…for soup

What a week.

We have been lucky in our secluded area of northern New York State. We live in Essex County, which is entirely in the Adirondack Park, measures approximately 1900 square miles and has just under 40,000 year round residents. So there’s plenty of room for walking (even driving) and never seeing anyone.

But I think this has given rise to some level of complacency with regard to the pandemic, or perhaps there are other factors at play…but we have seen a spike in cases much greater than this past spring. And we now all know some one, most likely personally, who has had Covid-19 and it feels much closer to home.

We just received word from our beloved little Waldorf school that they will be suspending school on Monday and likely the week due to a positive Covid test in the school. So it will likely be a week of playing with the kids, continuing to work on our knight armor, shield and swords and lots of good cooking. My favorite thing to make when I’m home all day with the kids, concerned about a global pandemic and worrying about the state of our democracy…is SOUP!

I’m excited to report that with the addition of our storage freezer I can now organize all the various cuts (and bones) so we can offer them to you! Not only do we have excellent chicken stock (on sale now) but we now have Beef Marrow Bones, Beef Knuckle Bones and Beef Meaty Soup Bones! I am also considering having our friends at Hub on the Hill make some Beef Bone Broth to save you time time in the kitchen. I’d be interested to know if folks would be interested in such a product?! Email with your thoughts.

For now, we’ll all have to make due with the raw ingredients: bones, water and time.

We will be shipping to both 1day & 2-day transit times this week, so if you’ve been waiting to get your order in and you live in our 2-day radius place your order before Sunday at midnight to get delivery on Wednesday. Remember orders over $149 ship for free!

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