Planning for a new year

Happy New Year! Many cultures across the globe mark the new year at different times in the calendar, yet a common thread is often the process of reflection; when we arrive at the end, we often look backwards before starting forward again. The cyclical nature of our farm make this particularly relevant for the month of January.

This week we put the doors back on the tractor and made a few adjustments to the plow so we can have our trusty tractor snow plow back in action. While the plow has a utilitarian role to play keeping roadways accessible in the snow, her main purpose is to make piles of snow to play in (or eat:)!

On the farm, January marks a time when production takes a back seat to all forms of planning. Animals still need hay and tending, orders still need packing, but the freezer is full of chicken and most of the work is planning for next season. After all this has been a year of change for most of us, so what can we learn from it? This is the homework for January.

2-Day Shipping – Get your orders in this week for orders to be shipped out next week, order deadline is a week from today!

1-Day Shipping – Place your order before midnight tonight to get your order by Tuesday!

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