Joys of Holidays

Our holiday consisted of our family, my brother who lives in the basement and Grandma down the road. A relatively large gathering these days and certainly a small christmas gathering compared to what we are used to. As it turns out one of the benefits of a small gathering at the holidays is that you can cook a special meal, full of dishes that come around only a handful if not once a year and have plenty of delicious leftovers:)!

As I have mentioned before, I did not properly plan for the holidays in our inventory, and we were sorely lacking in the roast department! No hams, no prime rib, no tenderloin roasts. I apologize! However, there are always fun cuts lurking in the dark forgotten corners of the house chest freezer, and we found a lovely beef tenderloin! My forensics inferred from the label that the roast was likely 2017 or 2018! Still delicious.

Have you ever tried tying your roast? Do you know why we do? Well, have you ever cooked a roast where one skinny side was overcooked while the fat end was too rare? That’s why we tie a roast. The tenderloin muscle has a long taper at one end, and a funny flap on the other. To ensure even doneness we tie up the ends to make the roast cook more evenly.

Dinner was delicious, with a few new innovations:

1. Racey spiced up our beef roast with Chimichurri, a Brazilian salsa that was perfect for the tender and subtle flavor of the tenderloin.

Chimichurri – A Brazilian meat salsa

1 cup parsely
5 garlic cloves (raw)
1 cup olive oil
1/2 cup red wine vinegar
2 tablespoons water
1/4 cup finely chopped red onion
1 teaspoon salt

Throw the parsley and garlic in a food processor, give it 20, one second pulses, scrapping down the sides periodically. Stir in the rest of the ingredients. Let sit for at least 30 minutes before serving

2. I splurged in the kitchen gadget department this christmas and asked for probably the most expensive meat thermometer I’ve ever laid hands on: Meater. I love cooking meat, and I love a good roast. And the key to any cut of meat is cooking to the desired doneness. If you do it often you can get to know how a cut looks or feels when it is done to your liking. But who cooks a prime rib, or a tenderloin or a turkey enough to “know”?!!! Anyhow, this little gizmo is about the size of an overpriced ballpoint pen, you stick it in the cut of meat, and whip out your phone, pull up the handy-dandy app and voila you have meat and oven stats in real time. We even went for a walk in the woods while it was roasting and I could check the temp with my phone to make sure it wasn’t over cooked.

I’m not sure anyone needs a $100 meat thermometer in the kitchen, but we spend more on less. For anyone who is not satisfied with achieving consisten meat cooking results this thing will not disappoint!

For the children, our biggest present was the addition of a queen size mattress to the floor of the playroom. This meant, we immediately learned, that you could launch yourself from the top of the climbing structure and land safely in the pile of soft things below!

Gift cards still available! – I gave out a few for the holidays and found the simplest way to give the gift card was to purchase the gift card, then take the code and hand write a card with the code on it. It seemed more personal than just emailing the code. If you’re looking for a late holiday gift check them out here.

2 day ground – will ship on 1/11 so get your orders in!

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