Preparing for Christmas

Thank you to everyone who placed an order for delivery this week. We packed more than 40 orders last week! I’m pretty sure this was a new record for us:) Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. For meat customers and now syrup customers please let us know how your package arrived, if you had any damage or lost product please let us know and we will replace it free of charge.

We saw the arrival of winter as we know it up here in the Adirondacks: snow and cold nights. It has been a fairly mild fall and I welcome, in many ways, the arrival of the clean blanket of white, warmth of the wood stove and calm of the dark mornings. This did make it difficult to put the final touches of assembling the new/used walkin freezer. The freezer is made of metal and foam panels. These lock together, but often need some help truly sealing airflow. So I go back and caulk each panel joint. I had finished caulking the exterior joints, but then when the cold hit, I put a heater and light inside the freezer box and was able to keep it warm enough inside to apply and cure the caulk.

Thank you to all the customers of Tangleroot Farm CSA! Adam and I were thrilled to collaborate this year and offer delivery of meat orders with his weekly CSA delivery. For any of you who live in the Essex area or Saratoga Springs area Tangleroot is offering Spring, Summer and Fall CSA shares delivered right to your door in 2021! You can even save almost $100 if you sign up for all three at once (Full Season Share)!

For those Tangleroot members who are still interested in getting delivery: we offer delivery through FedEx, select “Home Delivery” under your delivery preferences. Delivery will be more expensive until Tangleroot starts up their delivery again but it’s better than nothing!

1 day delivery – Order tonight before midnight to get your order before Christmas.

Syrup Shipping – FedEx is predicting shipping delays so if you’d like to get syrup shipped before christmas please send me an email and we can discuss if you would need to upgrade to expedited shipping.

Ground Beef UPDATE!

OK, I made an inventory mistake, a few actually. This is our first year selling our meat online and predicting purchasing and managing inventory have been challenging to say the least!

So here’s the scoop: We’re temporarily out of 1 lb packages of Ground Beef! But don’t worry, we’re not out of ground beef, it was just an mis-estimation in what packaging to put it in! We have plenty of 1 lb packages of Beef Patties that are now on sale for the same price as regular ground beef. We also have 2 lb packages of Ground Beef also on sale!

Beef bundles have been adjusted to include Beef Patties in place of ground beef. If you’d like to substitute for 2 lb packages, let me know!

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