Syrup Shipping for the Hollidays

We’ve been trying at this for a little while now. Brilliant is maybe not the first word that comes to mind when someone suggests shipping a sticky, sweet, liquid in glass jars…but that’s exactly what we’re up to. We’ve been testing this for a few years now, but with the systems and experience of shipping frozen meat, we’re ready to take on syrup. A few of you have been our testers and received some successful and some not-so-successful boxes of syrup. And many of you have received an 8 oz bottle in your first order with us (thank you). But now we’ve tested our systems, price checked our plan and updated online pricing: we’re ready to ship our syrup any where in the country.

Yep that’s right, you can now ship our syrup to your brother in California (hint, hint…)

For those of you who don’t know, we have a maple sugar bush on our farm up here in the Adirondacks of northern New York. We tap our maple trees in the late winter/early spring and haul the sap to our neighbors sugar shack. There we make syrup the old fashioned way using a wood fired evaporator. We bottle the syrup on the farm in our beautiful glass bottles (designed by Gwen:)

I’ve tried to setup the website so that syrup can ship separately from meat, since it doesn’t need to stay cold. So if I’ve tested and done things right syrup orders will ship free for any order over $60. (If you get a message saying otherwise, shoot me a note and and I’ll correct it.)

We can even ship you a whole case! So if you’re looking to stock up for the holidays check out all our Maple Offerings or thinking of some stocking stuffers, check out our 8 oz case of 12.

We’ve been trying to develop a custom box to help ship the glass bottles. But have been deterred by spotty test results, and expensive upfront costs. So for now, we’re going to do it the old fashioned way: bubble wrap and kraft paper, and for large orders, box inside a box.

2 Day shipping – If you live outside our 1 day delivery radius, this is your last week to place an order before Christmas. Place your order before Sunday 12/13 at midnight to get your order on 12/16.

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