Thanks Giving

We have much to give thanks for. We took our usual, post-prandial and pre-pie thanksgiving walk. The sun helped us shed our winter layers as we walked. I am thankful to have a healthy family. I am thankful to have my brother so close (living in our basement!). I am thankful to have great food from many local farms to put on our thanksgiving table. And I’m thankful to see and hear even the family that is far away. We had a small Thanksgiving dinner with our family, and Grandma, who now lives just over in Lewis, NY. We did not raise any turkeys this year and got a 20 lb turkey from our neighbor, who raises and sells a few each year. And I tried cooking a 1/2 turkey! We split the turkey in half, and bagged and froze one half. Turns out it is much easier to evenly cook a half turkey, and we still had PLENTY of leftovers:) I also tried my hand at my first ever pumpkin pie, using butternut squash. Home made pie crust and fresh pureed squash made for a delightful pie!

The Hollidays are upon us!

This is our first year offering our products to order year round, and I feel woefully un prepared for the Hollidays! One of the steep learning curves, perhaps unique to this year, has been the delay in scheduling slaughter spots at our USDA slaughter house. I realized a month or so ago, it would be great to have some Holliday Roasts for sale, like a Tenderloin Roast, or a Prime Rib? But alas, I cannot reassemble the steaks we have in inventory:) and our next available slaughter date is in March 2021! So we’ll have to make do with Whole Chickens and Beef Stew! I apologize to any of you who were hoping for a special Holliday roast, I’ll make sure to have some ready for next year!

We do have some our popular Beef Bundles back in stock. Check out our Beef Sampler Bundle for 15 lbs of delicious 100% Grass Fed Beef. Looking to stock up the freezer? Try our 1/8 Beef 35 lb box.

Looking for another way to give during the Hollidays? Reber Rock Farm is now offering Gift Cards for sale! Have a friend or family member that you think would enjoy some of what we do? You can now purchase a gift card for RRF!

Here’s how it works:

Purchase either $100 or $150 Gift Cards (or multiple gift cards!) and pass on the “Redemption Code” you’ll receive to any friend or family member. Then after setting up their account they will go to their account menu and select “Redeem Gift Card”. They will be presented with a place to enter their redemption code. When they enter their code the dollar amount of the gift card will be added to their account as store credit and automatically be applied to their cart.

Help us spread the word and share our farm with your family and friends!

Planning Notes

Tangleroot Farm CSA Members – Get your orders in by Sunday night for delivery this week! We will offer one last delivery with your last share the week before Christmas.

2-day – Get your orders in by 12/13 for delivery on 12/16 before Christmas! We’ll have dry ice delivered that week so get your orders in!

Featherbed Lane Farm – We will do a pre-Christmas delivery on 12/19. Please place your order before midnight on Sunday 12/13 for delivery.

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