The beginning of the end

We knew the 70 degree, mid-November weather could not last forever…the weather whip-lash we’ve had this month has me feeling sore. We started with 6 inches of snow on election day, and 16 degree night time temperatures. The chickens did not know what to do with the snow, and I spend most of the daylight hours finding flaws in my water systems. This week we saw a few days with highs in the 70s! We processed two batches of chickens this week and I was thankful for the warm weather.

This week marks the beginning of the end of our chicken season. Mid summer we decided to try to cram in a few extra chickens at the end of the season to try to keep our freezer’s full until we have more chicken starting next June. So this week we processed about 470 chickens over the course of Tuesday and Wednesday. Thank you to Chad, Gwen, Holly, Megan, Kirsten, Matt, Healey, Lizzie and Courtney who came in last minute to help us! Needless to say we could not bring you such fresh and quality chicken without such willing and skilled help. There are very few poultry processing plants in the country and so many farmers, like us, find they need to invest the time and money to do it themselves. We are lucky to have such awesome help!

With those 470 birds out of the field, we now have our first empty coops! The brooder has been empty for a few weeks now, and slowly the pastures loose their green hue and the chicken coops wait for spring and a new round of little chickens to keep warm and dry. We still have two more batches to go, one next week and the last processing day on December 1. Then we’ll see how good my inventory and sales projections are:)

Dry ice woes!

We had another dry ice mishap last week, I thought we were getting a delivery, but the delivery guy didn’t:( So we are getting delivery of the dry ice this week! And that means you still have time to order for delivery on 12/18 for folks in our 2 day ground radius!

Featherbed Lane Farm Delivery is coming up! I am making a personal delivery trip to FLF on 11/21 to bring down Mace Chasm Turkeys and any orders folks have! So if you live in the Saratoga/Ballston Spa area you can place an order and select the Featherbed Lane Farm pickup location! Order deadline is 11/17 at midnight!

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