Week of Change

I think for most of us it was a week of change. We started the week with very cold weather and 6” of snow, and an Election Day with record turn out and no immediate result. By the end of the week we had shed our long underwear, had afternoon temperatures in the 70s and watched ballots get counted in many major key states to bring us to a new president elect and historic Vice President elect.

On Election Day we woke up to a beautiful blanket of snow. I had been watching the weather closely, but in a very specific way: i was watching for daytime high temperatures to see if the water lines would thaw enough during the day. Somehow I missed the prediction of significant snow accumulation. So it was an exciting surprise for the child in all of us to find November snow!

The chicken in me, however, was not pleased. Snow is a fantastic insulator, and would keep waterlines frozen all day, and as we learned when we went to move the chickens, pasture raised chickens are keen on pasture, not snow.

As we pulled the coops forward, the chickens will usually rush forward to catch bugs and peck the fresh grass, but as the new pasture emerged when the coop slid forward snow held none of the same appeal as fresh grass! At first it made me laugh! I decided to move each coop a half length and let the chickens explore the snow on their own. However, after moving each coop half way, only a few brave chickens had ventured onto the carpet of snow to peck and explore this new type of pasture! I could not push them forward any farther without risking running over some chickens, so I brought out some more wood shavings to bed them down and had to leave it for the day.

By Wednesday afternoon it was 55 and sunny, water lines had thawed and election results were days away. My familiar routine and rhythm to moving the chickens had returned and chores took little more than an hour rather than most of the day!

2 Day shipping this week! The gel pack experiment has been going well this fall, but we will be getting a delivery of dry ice this week to be able to ship to folks in our 2 day area. Please get your orders in TODAY for delivery this week. We will ship on Monday! This will be our last 2 day shipping before thanksgiving so get your orders in for all your thanksgiving provisions.

Featherbed Lane Farm Delivery. We will be making a deliver to FLF on 11/21 this month, you have until midnight on Tuesday 11/17 to get your orders in.

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