Stock Love

After writing about chicken stock last week, I’ve been taking note of just how much chicken stock we use. Especially since our friend Adam has taken over making the stock for us at the Hub on the Hill. Take this burrito meal I was making on Wednesday night, need to wilt some greens with the sautéed onions? Pour in a little chicken stock and away we go. Butternut squash soup? Add chicken stock. Even our staple of cooked beans we make with chicken stock as the cooking liquid. My brother Dakin, who has lived in our basement apartment since the end of March, said: “when you have chicken stock, why would you ever use water to cook with?”

We are having a sale on chicken stock right now, check out our rich chicken stock or stock up and get a whole case of 8 quarts!

We are continuing our trial of using Gel Paks to ship orders within a 1 day ground transit time. Use PROMO code COLDPAK10 and get 10% off your order this week to help us test the gel paks. We’ll send you a quick survey when you get your order to help us track how the packages are doing.

For those outside of our 1 day transit time, our next shipping date with dry ice for 2 day transit time will be Monday November 9th.

We are also getting ready for the Hollidays and are preparing to roll out our shipping program for Maple Syrup! We’ve been doing some test shipments and are still trying to figure out how to ship syrup in glass. If anyone out there has experience in this department, we are looking for help designing a box to ship the syrup in. If you have any ideas or know someone who does please email me back!

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