Colors of Change

We’re in full fall colors. The nip is in the air most mornings and we tracked down a bike trailer and rode our bikes to school this week! Most mornings Chief and Lovett come out to help me move the chickens before we head to school, but as the sun seems to get up later and later every morning, and now that we have 3 coops in the field it takes a bit longer to move everyone, we’ve found a few other ways to get the blood moving in the morning.

We also have another batch of delicious Chicken Stock back from our friends at the Hub On The Hill. We’ve had some trouble with the quart containers that we put the stock in previously. They have a tendency to chip and break and while they stay frozen, we’ve heard from some folks that the containers don’t travel as well as we’d like in our boxes. So we did some research this summer with the Hub and we decided to try putting the stock in pour spout bags. This will save on freezer space, since they pack more tightly, and won’t chip or break in the freezer. Plus they look snazzy huh?

The master-mind behind our chicken stock is Adam Bechard, chef at the Hub on the Hill, and all around guru in the kitchen. I’ve learned a lot about making chicken stock as we’ve figured out how to make just the right stuff. So what goes into making great chicken stock?

First we take all the “chicken carcasses” or what’s left of the chicken once we’ve taken the breast, tenders, wings, drumsticks, thighs, necks and organs off. We learned recently to take off the glob of fat that sits just under the breast, and we are stock piling that to make some Schmaltz (rendered chicken fat! Stay tuned for that one…) Then we take about 1/3 of the feet and send them to Adam at the Hub. Then Adam takes the chicken and roasts it in the oven, this gives it a deeper flavor and renders off most of the fat. Next Adam pours off the fat from the drippings, and adds celery, onions, some thyme and water and lets that simmer for 24 hours until it’s reduced by about half.

But it’s not over yet! Then he strains the stock, and chills it. Then using some parchment paper he pulls off the layer of fat that forms at the top of the stock. And to top it off, Adam told me he takes a large ladle and fills it with ice, then stirs it on the surface of the stock to get any last remaining bits of fat! That’s commitment to clean stock.

To celebrate this amazing product, and the coming of soup season, we’re having a CHICKEN STOCK SALE! We’re now offering 10% off Chicken Stock quart bags and Cases of Chicken Stock (also in bags).

As I mentioned last week, we are going to try some different methods of keeping shipped orders cold. The stakes are lower now that it’s not 90 degrees on the back porch… We will still ship with dry ice once per month, but in the mean time we’ve done some testing with GelPaks. If anyone is interested we are offering a 10% discount to anyone who orders to have their order shipped in the next two weeks. We will ship your order with GelPacks and ask that you fill out a survey and take some pictures when you receive the order. This is only available to customers who are within a 1-day shipping transit time. Folks who are 2-days away will have to wait for dry ice next month.

Enter promo code COLDPAK10 to get 10% off your order and you’ll help us test the gelpaks! (For those of you who have already ordered this week, feel free to enter the promo code, or I will do so for you:)

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