Project Brain

I love projects. Building things, figuring out some logistics problem, you name it. This month the problem to solve was how to get enough chicken into the freezer to try to last as long into the winter as possible. We choose not to raise our chickens in a barn, with no green grass to eat, so that means after our last slaughter on December 1st, we will not put any more in the freezer until the end of May, 2021! Not surprisingly the solution to the problem involved a building project:) I love projects for their singularity of purpose. My mind and my attention to detail love the task of focusing in on…building some chicken coops for example.

However, with focus comes neglect. I find that my thoughts become too focused on the project at hand. When trying to run a small business or be a parent or both, this can mean many small but important details can go unattended for too long! For example, one chilly morning early this week we headed out to do our daily morning chores, and I realized as we crunched through the morning frost that the temperature had dropped lower than I had anticipated, had I checked the weather last night? We arrived at our chicken coop to find water lines completely frozen, no fittings were broken but the birds were out of water and gloves were coated in Jack Frost’s handy-work.

We finished chores, headed to school and as soon as we got to school I realized I had forgotten their bags with snack, lunch and extra clothes! A must during these cold mornings and warm afternoons. I would have to make a return trip to school that morning. Then as I got back to the car after dropping the kids off, I found both Lewis and Lovett’s gloves in my pocket. So back to the play yard to keep those little fingers warm with the gloves I had absconded. As I sat down in the car to gather my wits and check to see what else I had let slip my memory I went to start the car, but no keys in the ignition. A quick pocket check, nothing. How could I loose the car keys, I had driven here with them? After some frantic searching and a sympathetic smile from another parent on her way home I found the keys under the passenger seat, and no logical explanation.

Here’s a picture of Holly unloading some of the last chicks into the new coop! We’ve been working hard to get at least one coop ready for the large batch of chicks we received just after Labor Day, remember the gel packs? Yesterday we had 1 coop ready, and the weather was warm and sunny so Holly and Jameson moved all 477 (counted them all!) chicks out to one coop. Check out the instagram video of me dragging the new coop out to the field! Thank you Holly and Jameson, our amazing chick moving crew, for bring out this big batch of 475 chicks!

Ordering Notes

Reber Rock Farm Pickup: For local customers, pickup will be Monday. If you have not been to the farm, come in the farm road, past the office and turn into our packing area and butcher shop to the right. There is a set of green metal shelves where we’ll set your order.

Home Delivery: We’re going to try home delivery every 2 weeks. So the next delivery will be the week of October 5th.

Featherbed Lane Farm Pickup! Place your order today by midnight to pick up your order this Saturday 10/3 at Featherbed Lane Farm from 9am to 1pm. This pickup is open to the public, but please be aware this is a CSA

Tangleroot Farm CSA Members: Place your order today by midnight to have your order delivered with your CSA share on either Tuesday or Friday depending on where you live.

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