Headed back to school?

Throughout this spring and summer the farm remains a quiet and persistent juxtaposition to the turmoil and change that swirls around us. While the greater world around us faces the new reality of a global pandemic, wild fires, and so many political and social topics that demand our attention…the farm; the ecosystem we loosely reign to produce food, carries on. For some Labor Day has come and gone and school still only means a few hours in front of a screen. For our farm August brought much needed rain and the shift to September has been swift and decisive with temperatures already dipping into the 30s at night. Above we took our usual afternoon walk up to the pond to chase frogs, and instead of ending naked waste deep in the pond, we walked home with rain jackets (and dolphin and lion costumes).

We count ourselves very fortunate to live in an area of the country that has more trees than people, and we live very close to a Waldorf school that operates almost entirely outdoors. And so, we find ourselves back in the familiar routine of warm oatmeal with maple syrup for breakfast, packed lunches for school and the constant search for that vest you put on in the morning and can’t seem to find by dinner!

I thought I would share some of the ways we use our food to feed our kids at school! These can also work as a quick lunch at the office (or home office:).

As I’ve mentioned before we love chicken wings, these oven roasted wings make a great dinner, but they also make a great addition to lunch! Even cold they are finger-licking good, travel well in the lunch box and you don’t need to send a fork. Watch out, they can make for a messy keyboard!

You can also try our chicken tenders for a dinner dish and lunch leftover. Try this NYT recipe for oven roasted chicken tenders.

Another favorite of ours is have burger patties for dinner and save some for lunch the next day, a cold burger can be a great side dish for lunch! Or chop it up and add it to a lunch salad!

We are continuing work on our chicken coops, here chad is helping me lay out and measure the material that will cover the coops to keep the rain and wind out, but let the warmth and sunshine in!

For those of you who did not recieve your order last week due to our dry ice delivery being canceled, we have this weeks delivery confirmed and hope to send out all orders on Tuesday.

Thank you for your patience!

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