Farmers on the Beach?

We are incredibly lucky to have two incredible friends, neighbors and farm partners: Chad and Gwen Vogel help us with many aspects of the farm from making hay, to moving cattle. But perhaps the most important role each family has to each other is the gift of freedom to travel. When you own animals, they need tending every day, no matter what. So getting away, especially during the summer can be a difficult task.

This past week Chad, Gwen and their 7 month old son Layton kept the farm running while Nathan, Racey, Lewis and Lovett went to visit Nathan’s parents on Cape Cod! We enjoyed splashing in the waves, chasing fiddler crabs on the beach. As a child I always wondered at how grown ups seemed to enjoy just sitting on the beach! Now, as a parent I marvel at how the combination of sand and water can provide endless entertainment.

Thank you to Holly and Gwen for managing all of the orders last week and to the whole chicken processing crew: Chad, Gwen, Kirsten, Megan, Chris, Matt & Holly! We could not take vacation without you!

This week we’ll continue work on our chicken coops so stay tuned for some more pictures of our progress!

Thank you to Tangleroot Farm for helping us deliver 14 orders last week to their Summer CSA members. Remember you can sign up now for their Holliday Share to get 7 weeks of delicious organic vegetables delivered right to your door. Sign up for their share here.

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