What about the vegetables?

Our family is proud to eat the meat we raise on our farm, but meat is rarely the centerpiece of a meal. Most often meat is added flavor to beans or soup, a steak garnish on a hearty salad, or along side vegetables and beans in a burrito. So where do you get your vegetables? We like many folks, have a home garden that feeds our tomato habit and fills our fridge with zucchinis…and we also enjoy our delivered CSA share from Tangleroot Farm. After all, what is more convenient than great food delivered to your door!

Next week we are partnering again with Tangleroot Farm to offer delivery of your meat order with your CSA share! Order by Sunday at midnight to get your order delivered on Tuesday for folks in the Saratoga Springs area, and Friday for folks in the Essex/Wilsboro/Elizabethtown area. This is only available Tangleroot CSA members.

Tangleroot’s Summer CSA share has been sold out for months, but they still have a few shares left of their Holliday Share (click on the link to view info) If you’re in the Essex/Willsboro area or Saratoga Springs area check out their Holliday Share delivered right to your door!

What’s in a Holliday Share?

The Tangleroot Holliday Share runs for 7 weeks from October through December. Includes 6-7 different types of produce. A Sample Box might include: Butternut squash, sweet potatoes, broccoli, hot peppers, beets, arugula, garlic, leeks, sage. Sign up now, just add the Holliday Share to your cart and check out here!

Reber Rock Labor Day Sale!

Labor Day weekend is coming up and we’re offering 10% OFF so you can stock up on your favorite items for the holiday weekend. Enter coupon LABORDAY10, this coupon expires at the end of this week! Combine that with bundled savings on 20 lb box of Beef Patties or Case of Chicken Wings and you can really save for your grilling plans:)

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