Morning Reflections

Good morning. Racey took a few amazing shots of her views at chores this week. As we march into late august, the sun slips farther behind the mountains each morning as she makes the rounds. We’ve had a very dry summer so far, we track our accumulated rainfall to gauge pasture productivity, and since the beginning of may we’ve only had 4″ of rain until the end of July! Last may, for example we got almost 6″ of rain alone! With the hot and sunny days it has felt very hot and dry.

August is usually one of our driest months, however, this August we have already had almost 5 inches of rain! We can see it in the color of the grass and trees. Where the cattle and chickens have eaten down the tall and dried out grass of the hot summer, we can now see vibrant green shoots of grass and legumes poking up through the thatch.

We, along with the animals have also enjoyed cooler mornings, we even saw 48 degrees one morning this past week! Chief and Ellie now wear long sleeve shirts out to chores in the morning. Luckily they have many tasks to keep them warm and busy:)!

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