All in one place…

Here’s my picture of this week. Clouds seem like they are out of a painting. If you look closely you can see the 4 small chicken coops to the right, the one big coop in the center, horses to the far left and cattle out towards the large chicken coop. In a way, the photo sums up this summer: clear blue skies, and not much rain. As is evident by the bleached brown hue of the grass across the field. With the exception of the bright green path left by the chicken coop!

One of the important rolls that our chickens play is what they leave behind. We purchase expensive organic grain to feed these guys and what they don’t turn into delicious chicken…they leave behind. There is no better place to leave manure than perennial pasture! With a dose of rain the nutrients are gobbled up by the grasses, legumes and other pasture species and turned right into green, scrumptious food for the grazing animals. In fact, that is precisely what the horses are doing in the corner of their paddock: nipping down those sweet grass tips left a few weeks behind the chickens.

Sunday Reminder

Place your order tonight before midnight to get your order delivered this week.

For Home Delivery customers:
We learned from our Dry Ice supplier that we will get our delivery on Tuesday this week, so depending on your location you’ll receive your order on Wednesday or Thursday.

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