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What a week…for soup

What a week. We have been lucky in our secluded area of northern New York State. We live in Essex County, which is entirely in the Adirondack Park, measures approximately 1900 square miles and has just under 40,000 year round residents. So there’s plenty of room for walking (even driving) and never seeing anyone. ButContinue reading “What a week…for soup”

Joys of Holidays

Our holiday consisted of our family, my brother who lives in the basement and Grandma down the road. A relatively large gathering these days and certainly a small christmas gathering compared to what we are used to. As it turns out one of the benefits of a small gathering at the holidays is that youContinue reading “Joys of Holidays”

Preparing for Cold

I’ve been lucky this year. Most years the cold comes before I’m ready, water lines freeze, equipment freezes to the ground and maybe it all gets buried under the sneaky disguise of snow. Then I spend infinitely more time with picks and hot water doing what would have taken minutes, days before. This year hasContinue reading “Preparing for Cold”

Thanks Giving

We have much to give thanks for. We took our usual, post-prandial and pre-pie thanksgiving walk. The sun helped us shed our winter layers as we walked. I am thankful to have a healthy family. I am thankful to have my brother so close (living in our basement!). I am thankful to have great foodContinue reading “Thanks Giving”


I typically write my weekly email on Sundays. It’s a time for reflection on what has happened in the last week and where we’re going. An exercise I have come to enjoy for its challenge and perspective. Today is Friday, and I want to write a quick note about Schmaltz. We are so proud toContinue reading “Schmaltz”


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