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Bacon is Back

Phew, what a week. I’ll dive into the details later, but it has been a busy week. After packing orders on Monday afternoon, we emptied one of our walk-in freezers, then disassembled it, loaded it onto a wagon, brought the pieces down to the barn, build the freezer up again, ran new wiring and gotContinue reading “Bacon is Back”

March Mistakes

I love spring and I also love reading all the various farm newsletters (including Essex Farm, Echo Farm, Tangleroot Farm, Featherbed Lane Farm and Cairncrest Farm to name a few of my weekly favorites). For many of us March is a time of change, movement and reflection. Especially here in the north east, march setsContinue reading “March Mistakes”

Baby Chicks

Day old chicks are often the first animals to arrive on the farm in the spring, and this year the calendar has not even flipped to spring yet. We are pushing the envelope of season extension this year to try to keep our freezer full next winter. So our first batch of chicks arrived thisContinue reading “Baby Chicks”

Frozen Lessons

It started out like any other project: “this will just take a few hours” Our first batch of chicks come in just a few days and so at the beginning of the week I knew I had to get things in order. For the most part this just involves making sure you have everything inContinue reading “Frozen Lessons”

Marching Along

March is an incredible month, we enter the month in what seems like deep winter with night time temperatures below zero, whipping winds and stinging daytime temps in the teens and it seems hard to imagine that by the end of the month we’ll have 500 chicks on the farm, mud on our boots andContinue reading “Marching Along”


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