Reber Rock Farm Blog

Reber Rock Farm Blog

Headed back to school?

Throughout this spring and summer the farm remains a quiet and persistent juxtaposition to the turmoil and change that swirls around us. While the greater world around us faces the new reality of a global pandemic, wild fires, and so many political and social topics that demand our attention…the farm; the ecosystem we loosely reignContinue reading “Headed back to school?”

Farmers on the Beach?

We are incredibly lucky to have two incredible friends, neighbors and farm partners: Chad and Gwen Vogel help us with many aspects of the farm from making hay, to moving cattle. But perhaps the most important role each family has to each other is the gift of freedom to travel. When you own animals, theyContinue reading “Farmers on the Beach?”

Morning Reflections

Good morning. Racey took a few amazing shots of her views at chores this week. As we march into late august, the sun slips farther behind the mountains each morning as she makes the rounds. We’ve had a very dry summer so far, we track our accumulated rainfall to gauge pasture productivity, and since theContinue reading “Morning Reflections”

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