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Farm Store Happenings

My personal recovery continues this week. I have felt better and been more and more active, with walking, some swimming, and generally moving around. Both mentally and physically I am not as fast or productive than I am used to, but the change of pace is a welcome reminder of my relative improvement. My ongoingContinue reading “Farm Store Happenings”

Farm Outpost

There is strangeness in the familiarity of this past week. At the end of last week, my vaccinated brother, who lives in our basement, got news that 1 of the 3 covid tests he had done that week came back positive. He had some mild cold/flu symptoms that developed into a loss of smell andContinue reading “Farm Outpost”

Fall Preparations

With the heat of summer mostly over, we enter what I think of as the “sweet spot” of the season. None of our animals, including the humans:), enjoy the heat of summer days. For all of us productivity goes down, but with the pleasantly warm days and cool nights everyone seems happier. There are plentyContinue reading “Fall Preparations”

Fall Breeze Blowing

The feel of summer began to shift this week. The grass and the leaves are still green but the wind and the evenings have a new chill to them. Chief and Lovett have been watching carefully for the first signs of Fall, a yellow birch leaf, or a red maple leaf. I love and treasureContinue reading “Fall Breeze Blowing”

Whole Eating

I find it is easy to loose sight of the whole when you’re deep into the details. On a personal level the last few months (herniated disc, could not walk for 3 months, had to stop doing so many things…) have been an unparalleled lesson in how to look up and observe “the whole”. FrontContinue reading “Whole Eating”

Return to Doing

This week Racey went down to Boston to help her mom with a few things and I have had my first taste of physical responsibilities in almost 3 months. My capacity to move around has continued to improve and while standing still or sitting are still quite aggravating, walking and activity seem to be moreContinue reading “Return to Doing”


This week I will continue with some more introductions. John Bingham is not only my father in law and a supportive grandparent, but he is also Reber Rock Farm’s most senior helper. I first met John, “officially”, when Racey took me to visit her dad and stepmothers farm here in Essex when Racey and IContinue reading “NoStopingham”

Walking Again

I have missed walking the most. 11 weeks ago when shooting sciatic nerve pain stopped me from walking I felt angry at the loss of mobility. Anger morphed to sadness, then into determination to heal. This week I felt like I could walk again. Of course, it has been a slow and gradual process fromContinue reading “Walking Again”

Chicken Tea

In a moment of brilliance Lewis called my cup of warm chicken broth (sold out but coming soon!) with a pinch of salt “chicken tea” and it has been a theme this week. A stomach bug has worked its way through our house this week and I am the latest victim. Lewis and I haveContinue reading “Chicken Tea”

Stir & Fry

I’m learning slowly how to take acceptable photos for use on our website. We’ve relied on some very good stock photos from GrazeCart, the Ecommerce platform we use to run the online store. Occasionally however, there are products that we cannot find a good stock photo for, and not to mention buying lots of photosContinue reading “Stir & Fry”


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