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With Nathan still doing important healing work on his back, we’re keeping things going with lots of creativity and help. The kids do chores with Racey before school somedays. Chad and Gwen provide the all-around back up support and knowledge about everything and anything (chicken chores, fixing waterlines, brainstorming, troubleshooting, short-term planning) on top ofContinue reading “Healing”

Foul Weather

Late spring is exhausting. I always forget, and wonder to myself at just about this time each year, “Why am I so overwhelmed?” This week was a doozie, and I (Racey) am writing because Nathan is flat on his back with debilitating sciatic pain. We started the week with the news that Nathan’s Grandma hadContinue reading “Foul Weather”

Chicken is back

Farming in the Adirondacks means you only have green grass for about half the year. We can push this number with some season extension tricks but the bottom line is if you believe in the values of raising your animals outside and on pasture tech winter months are not for raising chickens on pasture:) ThisContinue reading “Chicken is back”

Call to Order

Happy May, and this means spring is in full swing. We’ve had over 4″ of rain so far in April, which started off with complaints of dry weather and has ended with puddles. Spring is also a time for me to get things in order. New systems are created like the new brooders to houseContinue reading “Call to Order”

Battle of the Seasons

I am obsessed with weather. Our children attend a wonderful little waldorf school that is just down the road from us, close enough that on the warm days we’ll ride our bicycles to school. Waldorf education and Gregg the Kindergarten teacher in particular uses stories to spark imagination of the children and to engage theirContinue reading “Battle of the Seasons”

Bacon is Back

Phew, what a week. I’ll dive into the details later, but it has been a busy week. After packing orders on Monday afternoon, we emptied one of our walk-in freezers, then disassembled it, loaded it onto a wagon, brought the pieces down to the barn, build the freezer up again, ran new wiring and gotContinue reading “Bacon is Back”


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