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Grandmother Tree

I cut down an old maple tree this week. This old grandmother tree has many children scattered around the farm, I’ve written about at least one of them. There is a children’s song by a group we love in our house called Grandmother Tree by the Okee Dokee Brothers, the song tells a story aboutContinue reading “Grandmother Tree”

Record Breaking Day

When last we left, we had some very full freezers. So full in fact, that we could not even walk into either freezer. I put the word out for help last week and we were honored by the response we got. On a normal Monday we pack between 15-20 orders, and we had 46 toContinue reading “Record Breaking Day”

We Need Your Help

If you’ve been considering placing an order this month, help us out and place it now! If we get enough orders to pack on Monday then you can save me an expensive trip across the ferry to a freezer storage facility in VT. Tell you friends and neighbors, help us make room by filling yourContinue reading “We Need Your Help”

Gobble Gobble

Fall on our farm, and in the Adirondacks in general is spectacular, which is to say it is somewhat of a spectacle. Spectacle, from latin specere means to look and when we look we see an instant in time. And so I believe part of what makes anything spectacular is it’s brevity. Summer is chuggingContinue reading “Gobble Gobble”

Crisp Mornings

Last week I found myself marveling at the swift change to fall, and as if to rub it in the maples, birches and the rest burst into color this week. Like so many aspects of my life, when I stop to notice, the signs have been there all along. We have a maple tree weContinue reading “Crisp Mornings”

Changing of the Guard

Fall is here, and somehow the change seems abrupt. Was it just last weekthat I was in shorts and sweating with highs in the 80s? Our family has putcovid behind us, for now. We are all feeling much better, all signs andsymptoms of covid have faded. While I’m not sure it is a direct symptomContinue reading “Changing of the Guard”


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