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Stir & Fry

I’m learning slowly how to take acceptable photos for use on our website. We’ve relied on some very good stock photos from GrazeCart, the Ecommerce platform we use to run the online store. Occasionally however, there are products that we cannot find a good stock photo for, and not to mention buying lots of photosContinue reading “Stir & Fry”


I will return to my introductions next week. This week I’ve been thinking about how our children have “processed” my “injury.” It has been almost two months since I suddenly found it far too painful to walk, let alone move about my daily life. I was reflecting recently about how different our children react toContinue reading “Some”

Steady, solid Stretch

We first met Holly Stretch (Aka Stretch) in October of 2013 during a picnic lunch after the work party to build our first barn. Her partner Doug Kerr was the crane operator who helped us set the trusses, and they joined in the celebration after the job was done. We knew right away that DougContinue reading “Steady, solid Stretch”

Get to Know Us

I continue to learn many things through my journey with pain and inability to do much beyond get up and walk to the bathroom. One piece has been how much I love and appreciate the people who make this farm what it is. I would like to introduce the various folks who help us. TodayContinue reading “Get to Know Us”

Peace Through Pain

We got a lot of good name suggestions for Rose’s foal: Reba, Lena, Ronnie, Polyantha, Floribunda, Whipper and Edith. Edith, or Edie for short, hit home for us. Not only is it my mom’s name, who has been a huge help the past few weeks, but it was also the name of two dear dearContinue reading “Peace Through Pain”

Name our foal!

The first farm assets that Nathan and I owned were horses, before we even had a farm. We were inspired by Chad’s team of logging-turned-farming horses that we drove at Essex Farm when we all worked there. They were calm and sure footed, easy-keepers, as the saying goes. Nathan had also spent time with horsesContinue reading “Name our foal!”

Shop pet treats

We’re writing in a quite house today. Our two kids have gone down to Cape Cod with their grandparents, so we’ve gone from a house of 5 adults and 2 children to 3 adults. We slept in this morning. Til 8:30. Luxurious. While we’ll miss them, their departure gives Nathan and I a bit moreContinue reading “Shop pet treats”


With Nathan still doing important healing work on his back, we’re keeping things going with lots of creativity and help. The kids do chores with Racey before school somedays. Chad and Gwen provide the all-around back up support and knowledge about everything and anything (chicken chores, fixing waterlines, brainstorming, troubleshooting, short-term planning) on top ofContinue reading “Healing”

Foul Weather

Late spring is exhausting. I always forget, and wonder to myself at just about this time each year, “Why am I so overwhelmed?” This week was a doozie, and I (Racey) am writing because Nathan is flat on his back with debilitating sciatic pain. We started the week with the news that Nathan’s Grandma hadContinue reading “Foul Weather”

Chicken is back

Farming in the Adirondacks means you only have green grass for about half the year. We can push this number with some season extension tricks but the bottom line is if you believe in the values of raising your animals outside and on pasture tech winter months are not for raising chickens on pasture:) ThisContinue reading “Chicken is back”


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