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Reber Rock Farm Blog

Feels Like Summer

With temperatures topping 90 this week the farm feels like it is exploding with life. The grass seems like it is literally growing as we watch. Lovett, Lewis and Racey helped me pull the shade cloths onto the last chicken coops. This is a few weeks earlier than we usually do it, since May canContinue reading “Feels Like Summer”

Spring Green

Phew. It was a race I set in motion months ago with the order we placed with our hatchery in January. The number of chicks in a batch determines the needed area of the brooder and field coops. So I had plenty of warning that a fourth field coop needed to be built by Tuesday,Continue reading “Spring Green”

Spotting Rainbows

Mid week I was startled to find this short rainbow calling me to look up from my boots. There was rain on the horizon, but brilliant blue sky above and the rainbow’s color reminded me of the balance of life. Even during a crazy week of too many things to do and unexpected weather, powerContinue reading “Spotting Rainbows”

Spring Hustle

The one constant this week has been the increasing intensity of green around the farm. The grass seems to be growing by the minute, and the weather is changing just as fast. We have had mornings well below freezing, 35 and raining, high winds and sunny and 70. On Monday I picked up our beefContinue reading “Spring Hustle”

Out to Pasture

With a new foal romping around and chicks to pickup at the post office, the green hue of grass has convinced the farm that spring is on its way. The pigs have also been enjoying the onset of spring, as well as the mud that comes with it. This week was a busy week forContinue reading “Out to Pasture”

Custom Cut Beef

I used to spend most of the fall as a butcher. With the help of friends and helpers including Chad, Cory, Sarah, Matt, Aidan, Kirsten and Cameron to name a few, we would process all the beef for the season. Reber Rock no longer butchers beef on farm; instead we send our beef to theContinue reading “Custom Cut Beef”


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